Oculus Rift $200 Off And Up To 50% Off On Summer Bundles

If anyone who has missed the summer deals by Oculus Rift, there’s an exciting opportunity waiting for you for a limited time. Oculus Rift gets $200 off from the original price of the $598 (USD), for a limited time and it’s still going. The VR company has announced two new bundles, each with four games.

First one is the Rift Summer Hits Pack. This one contains the most popular videogames since it covers a genre of First Person Shooters, Role Playing Games and some humor filled game as well. Oculus Rift bundle 1 includes  The Mage’s Tale by inXile Entertainment, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality and Job Simulator from Owlchemy Labs and Arizona Sunshine by Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive.

The ‘Rift Summer Hits Pack’ retails for $90 (USD) offering 35% off the regular price for all the four games. That’s a pretty good deal considering each game costs $30 on full price. The game’s are available for Steam for separate purchase as well.

The second bundle for Oculus is the ‘Rift Essentials Pack’ has some new entries to the VR industry. This includes  The Climb by Crytek, Survios’ Raw Data, SUPERHOT VR and Apollo 11 VR. This bundle retails for $60 (USD), offering the bigger discount of around 50 percent.

Both the Oculus Rift deals are available on discount till 4th of September 2017, including the $200 off on the original VR gadget.

The Oculus Rift team said via a press release.

With its comfortable ergonomic design, high-quality lenses with a wide field of view, high-resolution OLED displays, and six degrees of freedom that let you move around and explore, Rift is VR at its finest.

Virtual reality is definitely the future of gaming and entertainment. 2017, in particular, has seen quite the growth in terms of VR gadget sales. But will it go to become mainstream? Is yet to be seen.