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New Video Shows Off Shadow Of War Marauder Tribe, And Their Bling

You wouldn’t really expect rap music to be in a trailer for a Lord of the Rings game, but the new trailer that shows off the Middle-earth: Shadow of War Marauder tribe of orcs manages to pull it off. The video shows us what to expect from the tribe in question.

Marauder Orcs are thieves, plain and simple. Pirates and looters and raiders, the many fortresses that the player will be taking over that they control are covered in gold and every bit of loot that they’ve gathered. The orcs themselves that are part of the tribe are also decked out in it.

While this makes the orcs seem prettier than the grimy, industrial Machine Tribe, or the brutal and sinister Terror Tribe, the Shadow of War Marauder Tribe is no less dangerous. And they’re only the third of the nine different tribes of orcs that Shadow of War will have in it. And, with the game not coming out until October 10, there’s still plenty of time for Shadow of War to show off the other tribes too.

The various different orc tribes all specialize in something different, such as the Mystic tribe, who can bring fallen orcs back to life, and can hit Talion with a “Curse” debuff, which prevents him from using the Ring until the orc that passed the Curse to him is killed.

The various tribes can also change the weather of the region. The Machine Tribe, for instance, has a red sky because of all the smog their factories put out. The Shadow of War Marauder tribe, however, puts out a bright, sunny day to accentuate all the bling that they wear and all of the gold that their fortress has on it.

You’ll be able to see the Marauder tribe and all of the other orc tribes when Middle-earth: Shadow of War comes out on October 10 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.