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New Mordekaiser Bug Discovered in League of Legends, Makes Jhin Super Strong

The list of game-breaking bugs continues to increase for Mordekaiser in League of Legends. The community now has another reason to put aside the metal-clad champion until he is fixed by the developer.

Much like most of his bugs, the ultimate ability of Mordekaiser is at fault again. If Jhin is killed with Children of the Grave (R), the murderous artist revives as a ghost with non-stop critical attacks.

Whisper is the passive ability of Jhin, which gives the champion a guaranteed critical strike with bonus damage on every fourth auto-attack. What the bug does is that it keeps Jhin in a permanent state where every attack is his fourth, superior attack. This continues until either the ghost perishes or Mordekaiser is done with the duration of his ultimate ability.

Last week, a similar interaction was discovered between Mordekaiser and Ornn. Killing the new champion with his ultimate ability did not raise a ghost. Instead, it crashed League of Legends for everyone player in that particular game. It was a game-breaking bug in the literal sense.

Mordekaiser was immediately disabled by the developer soon after. A hot-fix was later released on the weekend to address the problem. It is unfortunate, that he comes back to League of Legends with another new bug. Riot Games is yet to confirm whether it will be disabling the champion yet again to issue another hot-fix for Jhin.

In the mean time, remember to report any bugs and glitches to the developer through the following contact link.