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New Competitive “Clash” Mode Being Readied for League of Legends

New files were added to the Public Beta Environment (PBE) earlier today that reference an upcoming team-based competitive mode for League of Legends.

“Clash” is currently unavailable in a functional format and only a few visual assets (via Surrenderat20) have been pushed so far. Another round of updates might reveal more in the coming weeks.

Posting on the official forums, communication specialist Ben “Draggles” Forbes stated that the development team is getting ready to test the new mode but there is nothing to share with the community for the time being. More details will arrive once the developer is closer to a global release.

“You might see some new visual assets floating around the PBE (brackets, icons, some UI elements),” Draggles said. “We’re on PBE soon for an upcoming feature test in Vietnam for a new team-based competitive mode. Anything you see will be a work in progress and subject to change!”

In March, Riot Games announced that it is working on a new form of experience that is designed to offer a different kind of competitive environment adjacent to ranked games. Shortly after, it was revealed that the developer is considering biweekly tournaments for League of Legends.

In that light, Clash could essentially be a tournament mode inside the client, which will likely help both first-party and third-party organizers to conduct events. Functionalities should range from separate tournament statistics for teams and timely rewards for winners. The mode will also give competitive players the opportunity to delve into a tense settings outside of the ranked ladder.