Middle-Earth Shadow of War Dev Talks About Making it Work on Xbox One X

Making a videogame on a completely new console is not an easy task. With the release of Xbox One X many of the upcoming titles will be added to its library including Middle-Earth Shadow of War. How much extra effort did it take though to bring such a game on the console and what would it mean for Xbox One X stability?

Monolith’s technical art director Matt Allen, in an interview with Gamesindustry.biz talked about this matter shedding some light on how Middle-Earth Shadow of War was fitted into the console’s hardware and whether or not it was easy.

As Matt Allen stated:

“From a content standpoint, it didn’t take long to get it working. From an engineering standpoint, because it shares a lot of DNA with Windows 10 – and we are already running on Windows 10 – it took our engineering director about a day to get it running on the original Scorpio kits. It wasn’t perfect; there were edge cases, so it involved a bit of tinkering, but it was not a lot of extra work,”

When asked about how the game will balance it’s stability with the Xbox One X features such as HDR Allen seemed to know the struggles of reforming a videogame’s graphics to suit a consoles capabilities and gave an honest answer to whether it was difficult for the developers to make it work:

“The extra work comes in with the extra stuff you can do, like HDR. HDR is a colour space that is sort-of new to games, and a lot of games are using physically-based rendering. We developed PBR in a standard colour range, but when you get into HDR the colour range gets all wonky, because there is so much more… so there was about a month of iteration trying to get the lighting correct”

As it seems Middle-Earth Shadow of War was an easy task for the developers to fit in the Xbox One X list of upcoming videogames. Middle-Earth Shadow Of War is scheduled to launch on October 10th for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android and iOS.