“Gold Immunity” Update Releases for Gwent, Adds New Cards and Social Features

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game continues to improve and evolve with yet another timely update.

The official patch notes confirm the addition of thirty new cards to the game, as well as adjustments and tweaks to several existing ones. According to the developer, the new update focuses on making gold cards “more interactive” and bringing numerous other improvements such as the recently previewed social features for players.

Gwent has received an in-game notifications system that functions similar to a mailbox, and a news tab for the developer to directly communicate with players. Most importantly, a profile section has finally made it to the game as well as a friends list and a Starter Pack.

Take note that over a dozen existing cards will have increased milling value for the next three days. They will create an amount of scraps and meteorite powder equal to the amount of scraps and meteorite powder needed to craft a card of the same value.

Following the latest update, cards of the player will be highlighted in blue and those of the opponent in red during the mulligan screen. This should offer better clarity. The improvements category also confirms the removal of all Trio abilities from Gwent, as well as Leader tokens from Leader card previews.

Elsewhere, a few fixes have been implemented. This includes the game freezing after the end of a match, missing card-backs, missing card-names, unresponsive mulligans, ranked points that would not update properly, improper values for cards, connectivity problems, among other things.

Last week, CD Projekt RED announced Thronebreaker as a single-player campaign for Gwent. It will reportedly take as much as fifteen hours to complete, featuring an intense and thorough narrative that is signature to the studio.