Destiny 2 Beta Class Guide: Which Class is Best for You?

Destiny 2 is now offering an open beta on PC that means players can finally get to try the 2nd edition of the massively popular game. But all the new players have the single most important question on their minds. Which class to choose? So we’re going to cover all the classes and their sub classes briefly.

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Destiny 2 Beta Class Guide

Titan Class

Its class ability is a shield barrier. This proves really useful to cover and defend yourself. Wall size shields prove useful while defending a flag. Wide barrier help in sneaking up and shooting enemies from a safe zone. If the enemies cross the barrier, they suffer a good amount of damage instantly. This class has more health and damage resistance. Thus, being the TANK class of Destiny 2.

The unique exotic weapon is called sweet business. It’s a Kinetic Auto Rifle with tons of damage.

There are 2 sub classes to Titans:

Sentinel Titan: Void with a purple shield to throw and melee bashing in both PVP and PVE mode. The Sentinel titan has more survivability with over shield if you time your melee kills effectively.

Arc Striker: Slams the ground, creating a large area of shock wave again and again until the super energy is used up. There’s also a flying knee attack. Both the skills are very useful and cause a good amount of damage.

Hunters Class

This is the agilest class. Extremely high mobility, faster access difficult to reach areas on the map. Dodge move will fill melee charge to allow boost and agility. The trade off is lower damage resistance.

There are 2 sub classes to Hunter:

Arc Strider: super charge ability is Sphere killing enemies. Dodging and melee kills to enemies regains the dodge charge and allows us to continue melee killing with a dodge in a chain combo.

Gun Slinger: solar sub class glowing golden gun with unique powerful rounds killing most enemies in a single shot. Gun slinger can also throw a knife with massive damage against PVP enemies.

Hunter class exotic weapon is sun shot hand cannon. Causes enemies to explode when the shot hits them. Really fun to use.

Warlock Class

Jumps let you float and shoot while in mid air slowly coming down. Health features are a balance of Hunter and Titan. The risk runner SMG is its unique weapon type. Arc damage hit causes ammo reload. This is very useful on certain occasions, especially during a boss fight. They hit you and your ammo gets reloaded automatically, letting you gain infinite ammo.

There are 2 sub classes to Warlocks:

Dawn Blade Solar: The subclass Solar sword throwing fire blaze and cause good damage. Long range attacks and damage from a safe distance. Dodge to a different location and attack enemies. Heal self or team within a range. dodge while in mid air to confuse enemies.

Void Walker: The Subclass Has a super ability to throw a massive purple glowing ball, that seeks enemies nearby and destroys them up. You can also drain energy from super ability and overcharge grenades. Blink ability allows you to teleport by jumping from one point to other, nearby location, to confuse your enemies and surprise attack.

There’s tons of other stuff that I left for you guys to discover. There are amazing grenades and synergy abilities as well. You can also change your class even later in the game. You just have to play through the primary story of each class to unlock other activities.

That’s all for now. Happy gaming and let us know your views on Destiny 2 open Beta on PC.