Bandai Namco Announces TGS 2017 Lineup, Confirms Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball FighterZ

Bandai Namco will be one of the major companies setting up a booth at Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2017) next month to show of its latest products.

An official website dedicated to the upcoming convention went live earlier today to confirm the lineup of the publisher, featuring a long list of games split between consoles and smartphones. It does not reveal what content we will be enjoying, but does give a fair idea of what to expect.

The fighting game community should be thrilled to know that both Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball FighterZ will be receiving new trailers.

Geese Howard, the chief antagonist of the Fatal Fury series, was unveiled last month during the Evolution Championship Series (EVO 2017) as a playable guest character for Tekken 7. He is slated for the winter, which makes it likely that the upcoming trailer will be more gameplay footage to hype his arrival. At this point there is only a slim chance that we will see the developer unveil a new character for Tekken 7.

Dragon Ball FighterZ, on the other hand, still has a lot that must be unveiled before its release next year. Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta were recently revealed for the final roster, but there is a strong chance that at least one new character is going to be announced at the event. This is backed by the fact that Namdo Bandai will be hosting a livestream for the game, probably to discuss newly unveiled content.

In addition, a playable version of Dragon Ball FighterZ will be available on the show-floor for attendees to try out. There will also be a stage demonstration for fans to look out for.

TGS 2017 is scheduled to kick off on September 21 and will run through to September 24. It is one of the largest Japanese-based gaming conventions of the year.