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Steam VR Coming To Windows Mixed Reality, Buy-In Starts At $900

Windows Mixed Reality headsets have been in development for quite some time and now Microsoft has confirmed the buy-in for Windows Mixed Reality and will also support content from Steam. The buy-in for Windows Mixed reality will start from $900 with headset costing $399 and the cheapest PC available to provide rock bottom entry point costing $499.

Windows Mixed Reality bundle will include a headset and motion controllers and HP, DELL, Lenovo, and Acer will launch the PCs, with minimum specs required to run it, later this year. Furthermore, there will be two lines of PCs launched for Windows Mixed Reality.

The first one being “The Regular Line” which will feature desktops and laptops with integrated graphics and will ensure that the experience will be a smooth 60 Frames per second. The second line is “The Ultra Line” which will have discrete GPUs and will ensure that the experience will hit 90 FPS.

According to Valve’s Joe Ludwig, the compatibility of Steam VR for Windows Mixed Reality is “a big step in growing VR as an open platform for developers and consumers”. Microsoft has confirmed that titles such as Obduction, Space Pirate Trainer, Superhot VR, Luna, Fantastic Contraption and Minecraft will also be coming to Mixed Reality.

Also, 343 Industries is working to bring “future Halo experiences into mixed reality” which is hardly surprising since former studio boss left 343i to work on Mixed Reality.

According to the Dan Ayoub, he will be working in an effort for the “empowerment of education through technology”. Dan has worked on the Halo franchise for a long time.

Windows Mixed Reality offers both VR and AR experiences and is powered by Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The system is quite flexible as it can scale to a variety of hardware.

Source: Windows