Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Blood Orchid Releases Next Week, Patch Notes Included

Operation Health is finally taking a breaking, which means that Rainbow Six Siege will be commencing with its third season as soon as next week.

The official patch notes for Operation Blood Orchid went live earlier today, confirming new additions and improvements for the tactical first-person shooter.

Ying (Attacker) and Lesion (Defender) are the two new operators being recruited. The former has the unique ability of utilizing a new breed of stun grenades, while the latter makes use of special toxic mines to slow down opponents. The two new operators will be immediately unlocked for owners of the season pass. The rest must wait a week before getting their hands on the new content.

In addition, Ela (Defender) is being recruited as another operator to complete the Polish lineup. Her unique ability comprises concussion mines that can be anchored to any surface, triggering automatically as soon as an opponent enters the proximity. Ela also has a signature move where she drops one last concussion mine when severely injured.

The new multiplayer map arriving for Rainbow Six Siege is called Theme Park. It is set on the shores of Hong Kong and designed for “dynamic and fast-paced” combat.

As with every expansion pack, the new season will introduce a fresh batch of weapon skins. Take note that the four new cosmetic paints can be applied to weapons available until the end of the current season.

Three key improvements previewed previously for Operation Health will finally be introduced for Rainbow Six Siege alongside the launch of the new expansion pack. This includes new upgraded servers, improved lighting to handle exposure and bloom in all maps, overhauled sky models, better reflections, reworked textures in all maps, optimized character models and facial animations, among others. The community would probably be more interested in knowing that Ubisoft is addressing hit registration and issues connected with high pings as well.

Operation Blood Orchid releases for Rainbow Six Siege on September 5 across all platforms. The game has crossed more than 20 million players since last month.