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PUBGs Vehicles Guide – How to Drive, Speed, Fuel, and Capacity

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds features a range of different vehicles for the player to drive. Each comes with its own attributes, mechanics, pros, and cons. The following PUBGs Vehicles Guide will you understand different aspects of driving as well as vehicles in the game.

There are a handful of cars and bikes in Battlegrounds. Players can find them in different locations across the map. Some are random spawn locations while other locations have a 100% spawn rate.

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PUBGs Vehicles Guide


A very useful car but it has its limitations. The speed is a problem and due to its small size, everyone is crammed in, raising the risk of getting hit through the windows. The fuel consumption is good and it can last for a while, better than some other vehicles found on the map.

Dacia Pros

  • Max Speed is 115Km/h
  • Resistant to bullets
  • Wheels take 3 hits to burst
  • Consumes a small amount of fuel /km.

Dacia Cons

  • Poor Climbing Performance
  • Isn’t very useful with escaping attacks due to slow speed gain.


One of the best cars available in Battlegrounds. It has high resistance to fire and is able safely move its passengers from point to point. Due to its large size, it is harder to target the person sitting inside it.

UAZ Pros

  • Top Speed 95 km/h
  • Best in Uphill Climbs
  • Explodes After Several Fires
  • Great Boost Speed Gain

UAZ Cons

  • High Fuel Consumption


I do not recommend using a buggy as it is not only noisy but also prone to high damage. It can only accommodate two players and is very open. Any one who attacks you will have a field day and has a high chance of taking you down while you are in the driver seat or the passenger seat.

Buggy Pros

  • Can be used on different terrain types
  • Consumes only a small amount of fuel /km
  • Excellent Boost Speed
  • Fast

Buggy Cons

  • Easy target
  • Will Explode After Several Clips
  • Tires will explode after a couple of hits
  • Hard to handle


The motorcycle is a very useful vehicle if you are looking to reach a certain place quickly or are outside the play zone chasing the line.

Mothercucle Pros

  • High Speed of 150 km/h
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Stroller Motorcycle goes to 135 km/h

Motorcycle Cons

  • High risk of damage from attacks
  • High risk of accidents, flipping over


Boats are a good way to safely move from place to place without having to deal with the risk of being attacked by other players.

Boats Pros

  • Speed of up to 95 km/h
  • 5 seats
  • Good for Squad game mode
  • High Spawn Rate

Boats Cons

  • High fuel Consumption
  • Limited to Water
  • Lack of Maneuverability

Well, this was our PUBGs Vehicles Guide so if you have anything to add take to the comments below!