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Detailed PUBGs Loot Maps, Cars Locations, Weapons Spawns, High Loot Areas and Medium Loot Areas

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBGs, features a massive map with locations all around containing different types of loot, car locations, weapon spawns. Areas are divided into high loot areas and medium loot areas. While some weapons are limited to loot crates, the majority of weapons and gear is found on the map.

PUBGs Loot Maps, car locations, weapon spawns, high loot areas and medium loot areas are often updated with patches to balance loot. This means that you may not be able to find good loot in the same area twice, especially, after the game has been updated with new content including weapons, gear, cars, and other types of gear.

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PUBGs Loot Maps

Given that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an early access title, the game requires many tweaks. With the studio making changes to the assists mechanic and revealing the two new maps, devs also release patches for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Loot System.

To make matters easier for you in terms of looting weapons, gear, and finding cars and form a better strategy. The following images will help you better understand the location of possible loot, cars spawn and much more. Keep in mind that locations are subject to change and these images will only give you a tentative idea of where things are before PlayerUnknown releases an update to make changes.

High Loot Areas

Medium Loot Areas

100% Car Spawns

Random Car Spawns

Some items such as the LMG, adrenaline syringe, sniper rifles, 15x scopes are found in loot crates that are randomly dropped by the airplane. These crates are to be contested and you will need to act quickly in order to get these items. It is best to know where you are and how far away from a vehicle, you are to better understand if reaching the loot crate is at all a possibility.