Overwatch Leader Lunatic-Hai Expands Into PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has managed to catch the attention of Lunatic-Hai, hailed as one of the most popular and best teams in Overwatch.

Posting on Facebook on the weekend, the South Korean esports organization revealed that it will soon be expanding its operations into two more games.

“Our team is planning to enter new games, as well as opening an official website,” reads the roughly translated announcement. “The games are Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds…Additionally, we hope to clarify on some current misunderstandings. Lunatic-Hai has been a FPS clan, and have been operated for a long history. We are currently separate from the sponsor of the Overwatch team.”

The clarification about having separate sponsors for the new teams can probably be taken as an indication that the management is simply testing the waters. The rosters are going to be likely dropped in the case of underwhelming performance or reception.

Lunatic-Hai has a long history of focusing primarily on first-person shooters. Due to its involvement in Counter-Strike 1.6 during the early days, it makes sense to field representation in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well.

The jump into PUBG, however, is probably attributed to surging popularity as well as the recent first-ever invitational for the game. Lunatic-Hai will join a number of other esports organizations that have already announced involvement with the battle royale arena. The list includes Team SoloMid, Cloud9, Luminosity Gaming, Team Liquid, Noble Esports, Mythic Reborn, and Tempo Storm.

Lunatic-Hai has been swimming in success ever since it attached its name to Overwatch. The team is known for its aggressive nature and has secured two seasons of Overwatch APEX. More recently, it was picked up by Kabam co-founder Kevin Chou from Seoul to be part of the Overwatch League. The organization will be hoping to see similar success in its other two fielded teams.