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Original Prey Developers Announce Rune: Ragnarok, An Open-World Viking Adventure

While they’ve lost the ability to make Prey, the original makers of the game, Human Head Studios, have just announced Rune: Ragnarok, an open-world Viking adventure game that will be the sequel to the original Rune that came out in 2000, seventeen years ago. You can find the trailer down below.

The original Rune game followed players as they bore witness to the conflict between Odin and Loki, two of the major deities in Norse Mythology, and the buildup to Ragnarok, the final battle that would end the world. That game ended with (at least, in the canonical good ending), the player averting Ragnarok.

However, in Rune: Ragnarok, the battle happened anyway, and for seven years the nine worlds of Norse mythology, including Midgard (Earth) have been ravaged by war and death. According to the narration, players will be responsible for ending the conflict, possibly by killing the gods like what is supposed to happen during Ragnarok.

However, Human Head Studios hasn’t given out very many other details than what the trailer did. We have no release date, no platforms that the game will be on, or any indications of what exactly the game will have in it. So, we’ll just have to wait for Human Head to give us more information.

The previous Rune game got fairly positive reviews when it released, though it was criticized for bad AI, poor enemy variety, simplistic combat, and a number of other issues. Hopefully Human Head will be able to make the game more fun, both in the singleplayer mode and any possible multiplayer mode that there is for it.

In the meantime, like what was said earlier we’ll just have to wait and see what comes out of Human Head to talk about the game more. You can watch the reveal trailer further up the article.