More Than 4 Million PUBG Players Jumped From CS:GO

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was recently confirmed to have sold more than 8 million copies since it entered early access about five months ago. In a striking revelation, more than half of those owners jumped over from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

According to SteamSpy, a third-party platform that analyzes data obtained directly from Steam, 55 percent of the overall player-base of PUBG used to actively play the competitive first-person shooter from Valve. These very players spent nearly 50 percent more time playing CS:GO than an average person. However, they now play less than 30 percent after shifting to PUBG.

It was also stated that the online battle royale experience is not only pulling the most engaged players of CS:GO but also H1Z1. In addition, those twiddling their thumbs with PayDay 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 are now spending more time in PUBG. It signals satisfaction and enjoyment for those wanting more out of the first-person shooter genre.

To be clear, the Counter-Strike community has always been very loyal and passionate. This latest trend of players jumping ship can perhaps be associated with the common complaint that Valve has been pretty slow on releasing updates and content. There is also the fact that CS:GO can be quite stressful due to its competitive nature. PUBG, on the other hand, has proven to be fun and enjoyable for the same players.

That being said, there is the question of retention. Will this trend continue to evolve or will players finally get enough of PUBG and move back to their first love?

The game has only been out for months and continues to crunch impressive numbers even in its unfinished state. Over the weekend, PUBG became the third game on Steam to rack up 800,000 concurrent players and now holds the record for the second-highest players at peak in history of the platform. It also became the top game on Steam in terms of concurrent players for a short duration, pushing aside Dota 2.