Menat Uses Soul Power in Street Fighter V to Disrupt Attacks at Range

Following her announcement last night, Capcom has released more information to help us better understand the skills and lore of Menat in Street Fighter V.

According to a new blog post, the fifth character for the ongoing second season is an apprentice of a famous fortune teller that lives in Italy. It is an obvious nod at Rose, which becomes even more clear when knowing that Menat also utilizes soul power to control her crystal sphere.

“This power lets her extend the base of her attacks, giving her a fortunate advantage at longer ranges,” explained the developer. “She is also able to send it out at the opponent to disrupt attacks, where she can later call it back.”

In addition, normal attacks can be cancelled when the crystal sphere is out to greatly increase her combo potential. This gives Menat multiple options on the battlefield and it all comes down to the player in control to choose right in every situation. It also makes it troubling for the opponent to anticipate attacks and mix-ups beforehand.

V-Skill: Soul Reflect
Produce a shock wave attack from her soul power. While the crystal sphere is retracted, this lets her reflect the average projectile back at the opponent. If the crystal ball was sent out into battle prior to using her V-Skill, this will absorb the projectile to help build up her v-gauge. This can also be used to launch the opponent into the air to help extend combos.

V-Trigger: Wisdom of Thoth
Menat summons six spheres with her soul power andeach sphere is linked to her normal attacks. Pressing and releasing of a normal attack sends the sphere linked to that attack flying at the opponent.

Critical Art: The Nefertem
Menat sends her crystal sphere to bind her soul power with the opponent to deal devastating damage.

Menat, The Eyes of the Future, is scheduled to release on August 29 for Street Fighter V alongside a standard, story mode, and battle costume. Those siding with the free-to-play model will have to spend 100,000 Fight Money (in-game currency) while others wanting quick access must withdraw $5.99.

Her arrival will coincide with the celebration of three whole decades since the first installment in the iconic franchise was released.