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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Icicle Golem Boss Guide – How to Defeat, Boss Tips

The Icicle Golem is one of the more difficult bosses to beat in the new Nintendo game. This Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Icicle Golem Boss Guide is your perfect companion if you want to get through this level very easily and efficiently. Remember to read our other Mario + Rabbids guide so you can tackle all the other bosses in the game too.

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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Icicle Golem Boss Guide

In our Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Icicle Golem Boss Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about defeating the boss with our boss tips.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Icicle Golem – How to Defeat

The Icicle Golem has a large shield that can block your attacks, so to beat it you need to go to its side and flank it otherwise you will be defeated. The ice balls that this Golem shoots can actually freeze your teammates to render their special skills un-useable.

To balance this, the attacks only deal 30 damage so you do not need to worry about them all that much. Try to get as close as you can to Princess Peach so she is able to use her cannon to blast the boss.

Once you have depleted its health bar, the Golem drops its shield and starts to wander about the arena along with adding a heavy damage melee attack in its arsenal. Kite the boss effectively, keep on attacking him, and use Princess Peach’s Royal Gaze to take the boss out, as it is moving.

Once you finish the boss for the second time, it jumps to the end of the arena. At this point, it will not only shoot you but also use its Villain Gaze to attack you if you move around. Smashers and Supporters will also spawn at this point. Kill the supporters first to prevent them from healing others and then attack the Smashers.

Remember to stay away from the Freeze Boxes as the Icicle Golem deals extra damage when you are near them. Get close to Princess Peach and Rabid Mario to use their cannons to beat the boss.

That is all we have for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Icicle Golem Boss Guide. Read our other Mario + Rabbids guides to learn how to beat all the other bosses as well!