Knack 2 Demo is Out Now on PlayStation 4, Grab it From PlayStation Store

Sony Interactive Entertainment released a playable demo of Knack 2 for PlayStation 4. The game releases 6th of September and the demo is available for download from the PlayStation Store and supports multiple languages.

Knack 2 demo has a size of around 2.6 GB and includes the monastery level. The game offers same screen / local co-op gameplay that adds to the fun it offers. The gameplay is based on classic adventure platformer style. Players have to progress their way by completing quests, solving puzzles and fighting bad guys.

The combat mechanics for Knack 2 are typical brawler type where Knack grabs the enemies from a distance, or smash them directly. He can also counter enemy projectile attacks which is a cool move. The character can change into a small size robot when there’s a need to operate a machine gun, cross tiny platforms or reach different areas.

The weapons player gains throughout the game add to the fun elements along with the fact that there’s double jump, spinning through the air to cover more distance. Co-op, however, makes the game easier than playing solo. But watching the havoc reigned by both the characters is fun.

This time you’ll be able to choose between four different difficulty levels, which should provide a more diverse experience. The graphics are polished and the world looks appealing. The animations look nowhere outdated and the voice actors seem like they enjoyed working on Knack 2.

The boss battles are tough and require certain tactics to be used. Co-op brings QTE, the quick time events to manage certain obstacles, action moments.  From the 12 Minutes of City Gameplay preview, it seems like Japan Studios did a really good job with Knack 2.

Let us know about your views from the upcoming game Knack 2.