Get to Know Destiny Lore Before Jumping into Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is just around the corner and whether you are familiar or not with the original game’s lore a recap is probably necessary. PC Gamers are not familiar with the game at all and as they dive in to it’s gameplay tommorow, on Destiny 2’s open beta, they should at least be brought in with some exposition with what Playstation owners where dealing with for the past few years.

So the story begins with the appearing of the Traveler, a huge planetlike spherical object that approached earth and startled humanity. As people wanted to know more about the Traveler’s intentions, 3 representatives were sent so as to gather information about it and that’s what they got. The Traveler shared information about technology that humanity didn’t have thus giving Earth an era of achievements called the Golden Age.

Within the Golden Age man colonized the solar system way beyond Earth and the corporations based on our planet were seeing an incredible rise. During that time we see the creation of Exo, humanlike machines capable of acting and fighting like humans and Siva, a self-assembling, self-replicating nanotechnology, to accelerate humanity’s colonization effort.

As expected of any rapidly developing era, Golden Age didn’t last forever. A massive wave of destruction known as the Collapse occured driven by the Darkness, the main enemy of the Traveler that seeks it through the universe so that it can destroy it and everything it had built so far.

As a last stand, Traveler rest itself hovering above earth creating a small haven for humanity in which later the Lost city is built. Also this floating spherical object created little AI machines, the Ghosts that have the ability to ressurect dead soldiers and make them what Destiny calls the Guardians.

Those caught by the Darkness outside of the safe haven Traveler built were infected by it and that’s how a new race was created, known as the Awoken.

The Guardians’ purpose was to help fight the Darkness and rebuilt the Earth even though a potential collapse of the Traveler would cause the fall of human race. Some of the Guardian started seeking power and turned against Traveler’s protection creating the Warlords. For the Warlords to fall a new order formed called the Iron Lords whose main objective was to gain control of the area Warlords have managed to occupy. After their porpuse was fullfilled the Iron Lords standed down giving way for Guardians to rebuild the Earth.

For humanity to be restored the Iron Lords tried to find Siva and use it to rebuild their fallen colonies but the AI protecting it, called Rasputin confronted them leading to Iron Lords destroying it leaving a sole survivor, Sullivan.

With that exposition our character awakens from it’s ghost and the gameplay of Destiny begins. That’s where our story as a Guardian begins in an attempt to fight the Traveler’s enemies and let it’s healing proccess begin. During Destiny’s gameplay the story expands and many different threats must be dealt with but mainly you can see what the story behind the game is.

If you want to know more about your Guardian’s journey on Destiny so that you can jump into Destiny 2 fully aware you can watch the full Destiny lore on the video below:

Destiny 2 will be released on September 6 for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, and on October 24 for the PC. Destiny on PC will be available through the Blizzard App.