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The Evil Within 2 Focus Is On Exploration And Respect For RE 7, Says Mikami

According to Shinji Mikami, one of the pioneers of the survival horror genre and the major studio director for The Evil Within 2, the studio’s Evil Within 2 focus is mainly going to be on exploration, and the game will be respecting Resident Evil 7 more when it comes to gameplay on release.

One of the most glaring things about the original Evil Within game was that despite having to be a survival horror game about dreams, the game had a number of big set pieces that seemed fairly out of place, which didn’t do very well when the game had a fairly punishing difficulty level.

However, Mikami has said that with the new The Evil Within 2 focus, they will be returning to the sort of thing that Resident Evil 7 was; a return to survival horror form. Rather than focusing on huge set pieces and big boss battles that don’t really feel “survival horror” so much as “action game with a touch of horror”, The Evil Within 2 be much more subtle and atmospheric, instead of being filled with big hordes of enemies that you have to constantly fight.

Along with a change in how the game will be playing for gamers, the Evil Within 2 focus will be more on exploration than simply going from point A to Point B. Another part of the game that many people didn’t like was that how the game progressed meant that you could miss things if you went down one path to explore, especially if you were running from some sort of threat.

Now, however, you’ll be able to explore levels properly and get all the sorts of goodies that you would have normally missed in the original Evil Within. That, coupled with the promises of sidequests that could lead to rewards or unexpected ambushes, will allow you to experience mor eof the game without the worry of being railroaded.

The Evil Within 2 will be releasing October 13 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.