Highest Level Gear No Longer Required In Destiny 2 For Decrypting Engrams, Bungie Confirms

Destiny 2 launch is just around the corner and those of you who played the first game may remember that players had to equip their highest light level gear in order to decrypt engrams. While this mechanic was frustrating but, Bungie has confirmed that having the highest level gear is no longer required to decrypt engrams into the highest light level.

Destiny 2 project lead, Mark Noseworthy, confirmed through his Twitter post that players will no longer be required to equip highest level gear in order to get the high-power drops in Destiny 2. The change will come as a sigh of relief for those who were frustrated by the mechanic in the first game.

According to Noseworthy, the highest level gear will not be required for players to equip while decrypting engrams instead, Destiny 2 will now take players’ best possible loadout into account while decrypting them.

In related news, Bungie has revealed that the upcoming sequel could run at 60 FPS on consoles and also explained that it won’t do it because that would require compromises.

According to executive producer Mark Noseworthy, the upcoming sequel could run at 60 FPS on consoles but, for that to happen the game has to be more linear, less co-op opportunities among players, and there will be fewer enemies to shoot at.

Also, Bungie has detailed that Destiny 2 PC version will block third-party apps for in-game captures and voice chat. Bungie has announced that some of the third-party apps for in-game capture and voice chat will not work properly with Destiny 2 on PC.

According to Bungie, apps such as in-game streaming and game capture apps, OBS and XSplit, Overlays, Voice Communications, Hardware monitoring apps will not be supported on the PC version of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter in development at Bungie and is scheduled to launch this fall for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.