Destiny 2: Exciting Things We Know About So Far

Destiny 2 has been previewed as a true successor of the original game. Bungie took in tons of feedback from the community and made sure that Destiny 2 is everything that was good in the original game and more. We’re going to summarize everything we know about the game below.

New Storyline and a Villian that Can Dominate

Destiny 2 file size

A General Dominus Ghaul, the commander of the Cabal Red Legion, a conqueror who has never known defeat, has come to Earth to claim the Traveler for himself. Ghaul believes that the Traveler chose poorly when it made humanity the heroes of the Light.

New and Exciting Worlds to Explore

Destiny 2 Exodus Siege

Destiny 2 has four new worlds to explore. Titan, Nessus, IO and European Dead Zone. EPZ is the first location we visit in the game and its twice the size of any location Bungie has ever built. A renewed focus on PvE environmental exploring in the sequel, building areas such as the European Dead Zones packed with quests, secret loot and Strikes, comprising both solo and group content.

New Social Hub

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The Farm is the social space supporting 26 players, compared to tower’s 16 and is packed with ways to kill time with all the extra players. Advancing through the game will make the population grow as guardians rebuild their strength.

New Crucible Maps

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Destiny 2 has 4 new crucible maps: The Endless Vale, deserted streets of Midtown, Altar of Flame and Vostok. All matches are now 4v4. Tactic incorporation is vital. In Survival mode, team share 8 lives between them and once that’s been used perma-death kicks in & last time standing wins.

In count down, Your team has to plant a bomb and defend it until it explodes or stop the opposing team from planting a bomb.

Class Changes and Subclasses

Destiny 2 Riskrunner

The game offers three core classes. Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters. Each one has its own sub classes and specialized options.


The Hunter Arcstrider replaces the old Blade dancer subclass from the first Destiny, with a new super that focuses on an electrified staff and a large amount of rapid mobility.

Super Ability Arc Staff: Form a staff of pure Arc energy and acrobatically take out your foes.


The Titan Striker is a rework of the old Striker subclass, so the changes are somewhat more subtle than before.

Super ability Fists of Havoc: Like the old ground pound, but now activating it just supercharges you, and you can then re-activate to slam the ground several times, or alternatively shoulder-charge enemies.


The Warlock Dawnblade replaces the old Warlock Sunsinger.

Super ability Daybreak: Allows you to weave Solar Light into blades and smite your foes from the skies – think of the Titan’s old Hammer of Sol super, throwing several blasts of Solar energy but from the air.

Explore to Your Heart’s Content

Destiny 2 Sweet Business Auto Rifle Location

Destiny 2 places a great emphasis on exploration. There are map locations called lost sectors. That are fully fledged dungeons filled with boss fights and shiny loot. Every map is filled with adventures, full voiced self-contained stories that highlight past stories related to the location you’re exploring. Open world side quests add a nice flavor of RPG elements.

New Ways of Traversal

Destiny 2 The Inverted Spire Strike

New ways to move one location to the next. Instead of going to the orbit to travel from one location to the next you select destinations by sliding the cursor to the available locations on the map and fast travel instantly.

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