Uncharted: The Lost Legacy End of the Line Walkthrough Guide

In this Uncharted: The Lost Legacy End of the Line Walkthrough Guide, we will walk you through the ninth chapter End of the Line of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Continue Chloe’s journey with this Uncharted: The Lost Legacy End of the Line Walkthrough Guide.

We have curated this Uncharted: The Lost Legacy End of the Line Walkthrough Guide for you and we have explained the complete chapter with step-by-step directions on how you can complete the chapter and solve all puzzles in it.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy End of the Line Walkthrough Guide

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy End of the Line Walkthrough Guide details everything you need to know about completing the ninth chapter End of the Line of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

End of the Line Walkthrough

The chapter starts with a heated discussion between the group and Orca. Next, you will be joined with Sam and Nadine in your pursuit of the bomb train. You will be racing the train below the train tracks through the jungle.

You will see that there is no path here so your best bet is to keep the vehicle right under the bridge. Do not stray off too much or you will end up hitting something or getting stuck somewhere hence failing the mission.

After some time, Sam, that some rebels on motorbikes are after you, will notify you and you need to run them off the road before they shoot at you. Keep following the bridge while running off as many bikers as possible along the way. When you get close, enough to the train Nadine will jump to the train. Drive close to the train from now on, as she has to pull you up too.

Grab her hand and jump. Sam will take control of the vehicle. Once both Chloe and Nadine are on the train, start progressing forward. Before you go ahead, climb on top of the train car at the rear most to find a treasure. Continue forward after grabbing the treasure. When Nadine points out that, there is no way forward, slide around the left edge of the train towards an opening on its side.

Jump over the obstacle and continue sliding along another path on the right side of the train. When you reach the front of the train, look behind and grab the treasure. Now, look to the right side of the train car at the front and you will see a grappling hook point there.

Use your grappling hook to get to the cover point. Keep going and you will find an open window ahead. It will have red curtains that will be fluttering with the air. Get through it to climb to the top of the train car. At the top, you will see a truck full of Asav’s men.

If you continue ahead on the top of the train car, you will need to be aware of the solider inside the car. Use your grappling hook here to swing around to the bottom of the next train car. Now you will come across some enemies over the next few sections of the train car.

If you are engaged in a gunfight, some reinforcements will appear on motorbikes alongside the train cars so be prepared. If you want to, you can also try to sneak around these enemies. Therefore, whichever approach you pick, you must press on forward towards the train’s engine.

Ahead, the enemies will be notified of your presence. At this point, reinforcements will arrive in jeeps alongside the train cars. Here it is up to you whether you want to engage them or just sprint, ahead However killing them off will make the game easier for you.

When you reach the ungraspable tanker, you will need to take command of a jeep. With Nadine’s help, jump to a jeep, use it to cross the tanker, and get back on the train. You can also continue on the jeep if you want to. Nadine will guide you throughout the scene, keep following her instructions and you will eventually end up on the gun-mounted truck.

Kill the gunner and take control of the gun. Now you can finish off the remaining jeeps and enemies using the turret. When the back of the locomotive is destroyed, leap back on to the train and continue moving ahead. When you reach the third train car, sidle along the left side of the train to grab a treasure. Go back and continue on forward. When you reach the heavy blue gate, lift it up with Nadine.

Once inside, a cut scene will start and when it ends, continue forward towards the engine. Lift the next heavy door and you will find the big red engine here. Head to the side of the engine and you will end up facing a welded-shut door. The way forward is blocked.

Drop to the side of the cart to climb to the top of the roof of the train car. You will find out that the roof hatch is sealed shut too. See the cut scene and then according to the plan, jump on a jeep and race towards the tower.

Drive the jeep to the tower while avoiding cliffs and enemy bikes. Sam will come to the rescue and will deal with the enemy bikes. Use this to your advantage and get out of the jeep when you reach the train tracks. Change the tracks by using the lever and the train will be diverted to the far off broken bridge. A cut scene will start here.

Sam will stay back to deal with the enemies while Chloe will head back to the train to help Nadine in the jeep. Pass under the red bridge, jump off the cliff, and drive straight into the train. Chloe will eventually get on the train.

Here, Asav will grab you and throw you in the next train car. You will find Nadine here too. A two on one fistfight will start here with Asav. Dodge his attacks and you will get an opportunity to hit him.

Eventually you will end up defeating Asav and now you need to escape the train. Run to the top of the train and at the last time through your grappling hook towards the end of the bridge. The train will fall down the bridge and you and Nadine will be left hanging on the bridge.

Sam will arrive at the scene and you will then climb up on the bridge to safety. Watch the ending cut scenes and you have successfully completed the new installment in the Uncharted Franchise.

This concludes our Uncharted The Lost Legacy End of the Line Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!