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Nvidia Graphics Cards Prices Will Rise Starting The End Of August Due To Shortage Of GDDR5 RAM

Nvidia graphics cards prices could go up in the upcoming days taking into consideration the fact that RAM manufacturers are stressing more on the mobile market rather than PC. Both Samsung and SK Hynix have cut supply for GPU RAM and that is one of the reasons why Nvidia graphics cards prices will rise in the upcoming days.

When the Pascal-powered Nvidia graphics cards first came out they were sold out immediately and people could not get their hands on one for weeks if not months. This cooled down after a few month and the market became stable and then the cryptocurrency mining boom hit the GPU market and it became unstable again.

Now, at the end of August, things have become a bit stable but that will soon change considering that the RAM quote for August has increased by 30.8% as compared to July. Keeping in mind how RAM manufacturers are more focused on handsets, this might increase even more in the months to come.

Unless you are hell bent on waiting for Nvidia Volta, I think now would be the time to buy a GPU if Pascal is an option worth considering. You should do it before the price increases. This should not affect AMD Vega GPUs as they use HBM2 memory but then again the pricing of those GPUs is not great to start with.

Companies are shying away from the PC market and I would not blame them considering the fact that there is more money in the mobile segment than ever before. The PC market is not as intriguing as it once used to be. It is a shame really.

How do you feel about Nvidia graphics cards prices increasing over the course of the next few weeks and whether or not you are affected by this phenomena?