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Menat Brings Mystic Orbs to Street Fighter V

Menat is the fifth new character to be announced for the ongoing second season of Street Fighter V and will officially arrive this week.

She is the fortune teller from the story mode of Ed, released in May, and appears to have some connection with Rose. Her fighting style relies on a mystic orb that can reflect projectiles, pull opponents, and connect combo strings for increased damage. She can also summon six of her orbs by activating V-Trigger, which further helps her in juggling and trapping opponents in a variety of mix-ups that may prove difficult to counter.

The brand new fighter was unveiled over the weekend during the final eight rounds of the Hong Kong Esports Festival and follows the inclusion of the hulking brute Abigail earlier this month.

Menat will release for Street Fighter V on August 29 alongside a standard, story mode, and battle costume. Those siding with the free-to-play model will have to spend 100,000 Fight Money (in-game currency) while others wanting quick access must withdraw $5.99.

She becomes the twenty-seventh character for the roster of the game, with one more left to announce before the end of the year. Capcom should be dropping more details on Menat later today.