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God Of War PS4 Will Be “The Most Brutal God Of War Ever”, Says Sony Exec

God Of War PS4 is one of the most anticipated PS4 exclusives and Sony exec believes that the game will be phenomenal, will blow gamers’ minds and will be the most brutal God of War game. This is according to Sony Interactive Entertainment Vice President of Marketing Asad Qizilbash.

Speaking during Gamestop Expo, Qizilbash said that Sony Santa Monica has done a “phenomenal” team effort on God Of War PS4 and it has given the company the confidence that the game will be worth the wait. He added that early footage has shown that “they are in the right place” and gamers will be blown away.

He added that the combat is very different from previous iterations and it is no longer one versus many but, now it is one versus one or two. Furthermore, Qizilbash expressed that God Of War PS4 will be “the most brutal God of War ever.” Also, Kratos’ Axe in the game has been forged by the same dwarfs that made Thor’s hammer and he confirmed that it can be upgraded.

In related news, Cory Barlog has assured that Atreus will be quite useful in the game and will be a competent companion since many fans were worried that the game will be like an escort mission and players will be constantly worried about Atreus.

Atreus moves on the battlefield on his own. He’s competent enough to get out of the way when he pulls the attention of the enemies. There’s a risk/reward system there. You can use him in battle but, if you do it too much, he could get overrun and knocked out.

While God Of War is not even out yet but, director Cory Barlog has already planned multiple sequels after this.

God Of War is an upcoming action-adventure game in development at Sony Santa Monica Studio and will launch sometime in 2018 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: Dualshockers