Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Tips and Strategies – Attacking, Blocking, EX Skills, Dodging, Break Status

The beta for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has finally arrived but many people are heading into the game with no knowledge of what awaits them. This Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Tips and Strategies covers the important Dissidia tips so that you have a deeper understanding of the game’s mechanics and are better equipped to handle what the game throws at you.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Tips and Strategies Guide

In this Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Tips and Strategies Guide, we have detailed some basic things that should be familiar with.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Tips and Strategies


There are two different types of attacks in Dissidia, the Bravery Attack and the HP attack. Bravery attacks are performed by X and are different for each character so make sure you familiarize yourself with the character before you jump into a game. The large number on the bottom of the screen is your Bravery Gauge.

This tells you the amount of damage you inflict when performing a bravery attack. It defaults to 1000 but can vary during the course of a match. The number within the blue bar is your health gauge.

Whenever your Bravery attack hits, your Bravery Gauge increases and your opponent’s decreases, this means that your opponents’ bravery attack will do less damage. The opposite is the case if your opponent connects his Bravery Attack with you. If your bravery gauge is high enough you can KO an opponent with it. Whenever the gauge is purple it means your gauge is high enough to KO the opponent.

The HP attack is the second form of attack you have, you need to press the square button to use it and each character has a different HP attack. The attack’s correlation to the Bravery Gauge is the same as the Bravery attack but each character can have multiple HP attacks so you should select the one you prefer before the start of the match.

To win a match you need to KO the opponent three times. The two bars in the left corners of the game is divided into three sections and each section represents one KO. Blue bar is yours and Red is your enemy’s.

Blocking and Dodging

If you are stationary then you can press the R1 button to block an attack. The same button performs a dash when you are moving. Remember there is a limit on how much you can block and dashing leaves you vulnerable to attacks for some time.

EX Skills

Every Character has an Ex Skill tree that allows them some special abilities such as ability to transfer their Bravery Gauge to a teammate. Use the tree to your advantage to help your teammates knockout opponents more easily.

Break Status

If your enemy’s Bravery Gauge is completely depleted due to continuous attacks, they will enter Break Status in which you will receive a Break Bonus that is visible at the top of your screen. This is a bonus to your Gauge and can be used to knockout an opponent using an HP attack.

That is all we have for our Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Tips and Strategies, keep an eye out for further Dissidia Guides and let us know other useful tips and tricks in the comment section below!