The Evil Within 2 Director Shares Information About Sebastian’s Return

The Evil Within 2 is probably the most anticipated horror game for this autumn with the stakes being already high with Shinji Mikami as the director of the first game. Although Mikami will not be back for the sequel, John Johanas the new director of the game is already commited to the franchise since his direction of The Evil Within’s DLC’s┬áThe Assignment and The Consequence.

While on a talk with Game Informer, Johanas gave some context about how the game is building up and what does a sequel mean for The Evil Within main protagonist Sebastian Castellanos. According to his statement, Sebastian’s story on the first game was not personal enough.

As a matter of fact we didn’t get to know his character and that’s something it’s sequel is coming to set straight.

This time the situation within STEM will be something new and Sebastian will have to adapt to confront things he hasn’t seen before. One of these things is already teased on the game’s cover where Sebastian is submerged in some kind of white fuild. Johanas states that this fluid is organically connected to the STEM and will play a big role on the game’s concept.

Finally Johanas talked about the fact that The Evil Within managed to merge many kinds of horror spacts into one game. The Evil Within 2 will also feature this aspect, as it was its main element, and will try to balance it’s gameplay somewhere between the surreal and the psychological state of the main protagonist. Stefano, one of the game’s teased in the trailers will give a more grotesque appeal while everything will be a struggle for Sebastian as you are going through the story.

As we expect The Evil Within 2 will have an eerie, almost Silent Hill like aesthetic with it’s highest tension moments being more instant so that it keeps you hooked for it’s entirety.

The Evil Within 2 will be available on October 13 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.