Quake Champions Lore Scrolls Guide – Understanding Lore Scrolls, How to Find

In this Quake Champions Lore Scrolls Guide, we will explain to you what Lore Scrolls are in Quake Champions and where you can find them. Quake Champions is the new online competitive shooter title by Id and it features Lore Scrolls. We have curated this Quake Champions Lore Scrolls Guide to help you know everything about these mysterious scrolls that spawn in the game.

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Quake Champions Lore Scrolls Guide

Quake Champions Lore Scrolls Guide details everything you need to know about the Lore Scrolls and where you can find them in Quake Champions.

Quake Champions Lore Scrolls

Lore scrolls are small scrolls that are randomly spawned in Public matches that you can pick up. They unlock a champion’s history. It can be found in the Lore Codex. They enhance your connection with the champion you are playing. You also get to know about the history and background of your favorite characters.

Each Lore Scroll unlocks a small part of the character’s history so you must collect a certain number of Lore Scrolls. That is not all. When you complete a champion’s Lore, you will unlock their special Lore Skin. So you should find and complete the Lore of all champions to unlock the unique skins. Each champion has 10 scrolls.

Where to Find Lore Scrolls?

Lore Scrolls are only found in Public Matches. They do not spawn in Custom Games. So it is an added challenge. Each match has only one scroll and when any player in the match finds it, the scroll is gone from that match. You will have to wait for the next match to try your luck again.

When a player finds the Lore Scroll, the announcer will announce ‘Lore Found’ so that everyone knows that there is no more Lore Scroll in the match. They are found inside pots and vases that are scattered around the map. Break each vase or pot that you see. You might find a Lore Scroll inside them if you are lucky.

Another thing is that you must also look out for enemy players are they will still be hunting for you while you are out hunting for Lore Scrolls. If you are lucky enough to find a Lore Scroll, simply walk over it and you will pick it up.

This concludes our Quake Champions Lore Scrolls Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!