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Original Xbox One Discontinued By Microsoft? Xbox One S Still Purchasable

Original Xbox One has been apparently discontinued by Microsoft. The Original console is nowhere to be found both on Microsoft UK and US stores. They’re stated ” Sold Out”. Xbox fans now only have a choice to either buy the Xbox One S or the Xbox One X.

The original Xbox One only has a refurbished version available to the Microsoft US website. It’s been sold for $200. But for $50-80 more you can get the Xbox One S. This console supports Up scaled 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos Spatial audio. Including 4K streaming and 4K Blu-ray. The 500GB version costs $250 on onwards, depending on the bundle.

Price from the Xbox US store are:

Minecraft bundle 1TB = $400

Shadow of War 1TB bundle = $350

Madden NFL 18 500GB Bundle = $280

Halo Wars 2 Bundle 1TB = $350

Battlefield 1 Bundle 500GB = $280

Forza Horizon 3 Bundle 1TB/500GB = $350/$280.

Limited edition Gears of War 4 bundle 2TB = $400

Now gamers have these choices, either they buy the Xbox One S or pre-order Xbox One X now wait till November for the launch. The Scorpio edition is sold out. Console will be available on November 7th 2017 for USD 500.

We understand that Original Xbox One library of exclusive titles is relatively smaller for time being. But we’re going to talk about the options that are available from the investment point. The Xbox One X not only provides True 4K resolution, but a wider spectrum of HDR, larger color gamut.

Thing about HDR is, there are different grades of color definition and a wider color spectrum with a brighter clarity looks more beautiful compared to the standard one. Xbox One S offers HDR as well but the 4K is up scaled. The hardware is also powerful than the original Xbox One. This will enable the developers to put in more detail and juice out more performance in a game. Let us know what you think about the discontinuation of the original Xbox One.