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League of Legends Pre-Season Could Once Again Change Jungle XP Gains

The jungle of League of Legends has received multiple adjustments over the years, each of which has carried significant impact on the meta. However, Riot Games is still not too thrilled with the current state of the game and is interested in tackling the jungle once again when the pre-season approaches.

Posting on the official forums, lead gameplay designer Andrei “Meddler” van Roon stated that experience gained from camps and in general could be subject to change later this year. The developer wants to attain a balance between how the current jungle amounts to a successful and unsuccessful game.

That being said, the work will first begin by identifying what needs to be changed. League of Legends could see the entire jungle being changed or receive just minor tweaks.

“First step will be figuring out what definitely needs changes,” he noted. “We’ll then look at what’s feasible to get done in time without sacrificing work on runes.”

During this season, Riot Games was interested in putting a priority tag on the different camps in the jungle. However, the changes made it so that certain champions can clear certain camps, like the raptors, to hit level three much faster than any other lane. The additional advantage over the other players is then put to test through early ganks, which leads to shorter games depending on how successful they were.

In addition, there is the catch-up mechanic where players gain bonus experience if they fall behind in levels. Suffice to say, not many find it pleasing to see a player come back into the game after being shut down earlier. Riot Games introduced the bonus experience so that junglers have a way of fighting back, but many in the community believe that it only made the role easier.

The next patch will be the one on which the 2017 League of Legends World Championship will be played. This means that the pre-season is just around the corner. We should hear about any possible changes to the jungle in the coming months.