You Can Get Just Cause 3 On Playstation Plus For Free In Latin America For September

If you’re in Latin America and have been waiting for the Playstation Plus service to come out with a good game, now’s your chance. Come September you’ll be able to get Just Cause 3 on Playstation Plus for free in Latin American regions. The game was one of the August games.

Though originally an August game for Europe and North America, Latin American Playstation owners became upset at Sony for not putting the game in as part of the August lineup in their region. Thankfully, however, Sony listened to their concerns and will now be putting Just Cause 3 on the Latin America Playstation Plus.

Alongside a variety of other games like Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry, Super Motherload, Snakeball, Downwell, and Level 22, Just Cause 3 actually helped the August lineup of free Playstation Plus games to surprise people and not be disappointing like a number of other Playstation Plus groups have been for the past year.

Normally the Playstation Plus games each month are a subject of criticism due to their perceived lack of quality, with a few exceptions. But if you grab Just Cause 3 on Playstation Plus, you’ll have a game that can provide you hours of entertainment as you blow up everything within reach to free an island from a maniacal dictator.

There’s no telling if Just Cause 3 will come to the September group of free Playstation Plus games as an extra game or will take the place of one. Either way, we won’t be seeing what games are on the September Playstation Plus lineup until they’re announced on August 30, so in the meantime Just Cause 3 is a good way to spend time.

In the meantime, if you haven’t gotten your copy of Just Cause 3 on Playstation Plus, hurry up and download it before the month rolls over and it costs money again.