First-Person Mode in PUBG Invitational Lauded for Intense Action, Community Asks for More Servers

It is now apparent that the addition of a first-person perspective to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was a valuable decision from Bluehole Studio.

The game entered early access five months ago as a third-person online battle royale experience. Based on feedback from the community, the developer finally introduced a first-person point of view earlier this month. While there was naturally a debate as to which of the two was the better mode, it was the third day of competitive proceedings at Gamescom 2017 that shifted favor towards the more traditional way of playing online shooters.

Following two days of tournament matches that featured third-person action, the invitational hosted first-person duo events yesterday. The drastic change in gameplay was clearly noticeable.

Players were forced to abstain from camping and expose themselves, which led to more intense confrontations. The third-person perspective makes it very easy to peek around corners. However, that is not possible with a first-person field-of-view because players must put themselves in danger to ascertain potential threats.

According to a new post on Reddit, it is “the way this game is meant to be played.” The community that followed the event as spectators greatly enjoyed what was shown. The gameplay felt more balanced, with players resorting to sheer skill to outmanoeuvre and outgun opponents.

Based on the appreciation so far, Bluehole Studio must pursue the first-person mode for PUBG if it is interested in expanding its esports horizon. There is already a request for more servers for the mode in all regions.

Putting aside technical issues that will probably improve with time, the invitational has so far been received tremendously. The first day of events ended up as one of the most-watched broadcast on Twitch for the duration, reaching over 400,000 viewers in total and peaking at over 170,000 viewers on its own.