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Gamestop: Xbox One X Pre-Orders Are Going Well While Xbox One Underperforms

Xbox One X is making quite a buzz as the console has been selling really well at retailers and Gamestop is very happy with Xbox One X pre-orders but, at the same time, Xbox One is underperforming for the retailer. During the earnings call for the latest quarter of the company, Gamespot revealed that it is quite pleased with Xbox One X pre-orders.

According to the company, with the massive success of Nintendo Switch, Gamestop believes that “all consoles have opportunities for growth” and PS4 “has also been strong this year.” The company added that Xbox One “underperformed” against PS4 and believes that it is due to Xbox One X as a majority of gamers are waiting to buy the upcoming console.

The company revealed that Xbox One X pre-orders have been going pretty well and is “pleased” with the consumer response to the new console, however, it is quite early to say anything.

Speaking of the upcoming console, Microsoft is also very happy with Xbox One X pre-order performance. Xbox marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg revealed that response to Xbox One X has been “overwhelming” as the stock at the many of the top retailers has been sold out. He added that Microsft will be producing as many Xbox One X units as possible to meet the demand.

We’ll see. We’re gonna make as many Xbox One Xs as we can make. All the signs are that it’s gonna be the number one hit product of this Holiday, so we’re gonna keep up with demand the best that we can.

While the console is creating a lot of buzz with its specs but, according to an industry analyst, the price of the console will be its downfall especially in the upcoming holiday season.

Xbox One X will be available on November 7, 2017, in the US and will be priced at $499 and will come with games such as Forza Motorsport 7, Halo 5 and more.