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The Escapists 2 U.S.S. Anomaly Prison Guide – How to Escape, All Escape Plans, Solo and Coop

In this The Escapists 2 U.S.S. Anomaly Prison Guide, we will guide you on how to escape from the U.S.S. Anomaly prison in The Escapist 2. The Escapist 2 is the second installment in the highly acclaimed The Escapist game series. After the success of the first game, developer Team17 has developed The Escapist 2 featuring new maps, a lot of new features and a richer gameplay experience.

We have curated this The Escapists 2 U.S.S. Anomaly Prison Guide for you so you can easily escape from U.S.S. Anomaly prison. We have some tips and tricks for you in this The Escapists 2 U.S.S. Anomaly Prison Guide plus exclusive guides for all the prisons in The Escapist 2 so make sure to check them all.

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The Escapists 2 U.S.S. Anomaly Prison Guide

The Escapists 2 U.S.S. Anomaly Prison Guide details everything that you need to know about escaping from U.S.S. Anomaly prison in The Escapist 2.

How to Escape from U.S.S. Anomaly Prison in The Escapists 2

This prison has three escape plans. One is perimeter break out; one is solo while the last one is possible only with friends. An important tip for this prison is that you must try to find and wear a guard uniform to avoid contraband item detection and deceiving the guards.

In addition, if you get a job in the kitchen, you can earn some easy money to convince some inmates to sell you items.

First Escape

First escape is Perimeter Breakout and it requires you to obtain two lightweight cutters and a screwdriver. When you have the items, head to the flight of stairs near the shower area. Go up the stairs and you will see a chain link fence. Cut the fence and head inside the vent near the desk.

Go inside the vent and continue down. You will come across three more fences. Cut them all down and keep going towards the end of the shaft. When you exit the vent, simply head north to find the escape ship. Your escape is successful.

Second Escape

The second escape is Race from Space and it is a solo escape plan. For this escape, you need to increase your strength to 60. You will require a fake red key for this escape.

Find the items required for it, which are putty and molten plastic. For putty, you will need talcum powder and toothpaste. Create the mold and find a guard who has the red key. Beat them up until you find one with the red card.

Once you have the red card, create the fake red card, put the original one back and run back to your room. While you are beating up the guards, make sure to grab a guard uniform as well. Back in your room; wait for the heat level to zero. Once it is zero, wear the uniform, get your red card and head to the CCTV room which is located right in your cells.

Walk past the guards and enter the contraband area. Here you must steal the Jetpack. Once done, drop your red card to avoid any further detection and head to the Warden’s office which is located left of the cells. Once there, escape using the button on the top left of the room.

Third Escape

Third escape is Peas in a Pond and it is a multiplayer escape plan. We are working on this escape now and we will update this section very soon.

This The Escapists 2 U.S.S. Anomaly Prison Guide is a work in progress. We will update this guide as we gather more information about escaping from this prison.