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Quake Champions Weapons Guide – Best Starting Weapons, Weapon Tips

In Quake Champions, newer players will probably need to understand all the differences between the various weapons. This Quake Champions Weapons Guide breaks down all the positives and the negatives of each weapon in the game to make your preferred weapon an easier choice.

Unlike the previous iterations of Quake that gave you a machine gun when you started, you now get an option to start with either the nail gun, the shotgun, or the machine gun. Not to worry though as you can change this weapon each time you spawn depending on the state of the match. The choice to change your champion is also there. All of these weapons are replaced by their ‘super’ variants when those variants are picked up.

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Quake Champions Weapons Guide

The Shotgun offers a lot of damage but very little rate of fire whereas the Machine Gun offers a high rate of fire but with very little damage. The Nail gun slots in perfectly in the middle by offering medium damage at a medium rate of fire.

You also get a gauntlet that is a melee weapon along with your starting weapon; it was extremely low range and should only be used if you ran out of bullets or if you want to showboat.

Quake Champions Weapons

As I stated before, if you played the old Quake games then you will already be aware of what all of the guns do as they are almost exactly the same as the older Quake games. It is also worthwhile noting that pressing the Right Mouse Button zooms in your field of view to improve your accuracy but decrease your peripheral vision. Good players do not use this feature and snipe other players at long ranges without zooming in. Weapons in the game are also color coded to help you identify them and their armor.

Heavy Machinegun – Yellow

It deals a decent amount of damage at a very high rate of fire and has a wider spread than the Nail Gun and the Lightning Gun that means that you do not need to be as accurate with it as you need to be with the latter weapons. Use this gun when you circle strafe around opponents and is perfect for finishing off enemies who have been in a firefight and are low health.

Super Shotgun – Orange

This has a double barrel as opposed to the single barreled starter shotgun that means that it deals double the damage. Remember that this weapon has a low range so enemies will try to stay out of each if they see you with it. An effective strategy to counter this is to use a standard weapon to let them get close and then use the shotgun to destroy them.

Super Nail Gun – Blue

It has a higher rate of fire than the standard Nail Gun. Its main quality is the armor penetration it offers and the highest rate of damage that it offers. However, it is very easy for players to dodge the bullets streaming out of this gun so this gun is only effective in the hands of players who learn to predict the position of the enemy and account for that factor when firing this gun.

Lightning Gun – Cyan

Like its version in the predecessors offers a stream of lightning cutting through the players. It has lower damage than the machine guns but has a much higher rate of fire and should be used from a large distance to chip away at the opponent’s health.

Rocket Launcher – Red

It is the second most powerful and the second slowest weapon in the game. Fire it at their feet or walls as rockets are very easy to predict but have a very high splash damage, Rocket Jumping is a must learn technique for any Quake player so learn at an early stage and make it an abundant part of your game.

Rail Gun – Green

This is the Sniper Rifle, and perhaps the hardest weapon to use in the game. It offers a focused blast of energy that deals a massive amount of damage to any enemy in its path. It also has an extremely low rate of fire as it takes a couple of seconds to recharge after every blast. Use this weapon at vantage points to pick people looking to acquire sought after power ups or alternatively if you’re a YouTuber looking to make a frag movie.

That is it for our Quake Champions Weapons Guide. If you have any additional detail to add or if we missed something, let us know in the comments below!