Quake Champions Beginners Guide – Mastering Movement, Items, Combat Tips

If you were born after 1995 chances are you do not remember the intensity of the First Person Shooters in the Pre Call of Duty and Medal of Honor era. Hence, you are probably not aware of the minor intricacies that seem to matter so much in Quake. This Quake Champions Beginners Guide will help you get acquainted with the very basics of the classic shooter and give you general tips and tricks on movement, gameplay and how to start practicing and perfecting your skills in this brutal and unforgiving game.

If you have never played Quake before, then you probably aren’t aware of how important it is to have the perfect setup around you, make sure you have a good mouse and a keyboard with minimum input lag as this game is all about the milliseconds.

Having good keybindings is also a must-do prerequisite for playing this game. Using the 1-9 buttons to select weapons simply won’t do and thus you must remap your keys to your liking before you hop into a game. Pick buttons close to the WASD keys for the weapons for quickly switching in between your desired weapon. Jump and Crouch buttons are your own preference.

Quake Champions Beginners Guide

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One last thing to remember is that in games like these, Frames Per Second outweigh your need for aesthetic beauty in your simulated worlds. Make sure you can get over 120 frames a second for smooth gameplay and remember to turn off the music to hear your enemies better.

Quake Champions Beginners Guide – Movement

Movement always has been an integral part of any Competitive Shooter, and Quake’s movement is one of the most unforgiving across the genre. The 2 most basic principles are the Strafe Jump and the Rocket Jump. You can chain your strafe jumps together for bunnyhopping and it is ideal for moving from one place to another. Just remember that strafe jumping is quite easy to predict and you should be unpredictable when engaging other enemies.

Quake is not a simulation shooter, which means that people do not die with a couple of bullets and firefights generally last more than a few seconds. Remember that adjusting your aim while dodging your enemies is a very important skill to learn and will only be mastered with time so do not get frustrated. Micromanaging is very important in Quake and learning to effectively do that is very helpful.

No words can explain how to perform these maneuvers, so just search on YouTube and watch a video of these moves in any version of quake since they are the same in each iteration. Movement related to specific champions will be covered in the Champions guide.

Quake Champions Beginners Guide – Items

The legendary Quake player Dennis “Thresh” Fong was one of the first players to realize that items have fixed spawn times and can be used for strategic purposes. Before you get into the nuances of all that, you need to understand what the items actually do. Remember that some of the items can overcharge your health/armor.

  • Quad Damage: Seriously? Do I need to explain that? Spawns every 120 seconds
  • Health Bubbles: Heal you up to the next divisible of 25 and spawn every 15 seconds
  • Small ArmorArmors you up to the next divisible of 25 and spawns every 15 seconds
  • Megahealth: Gives you 100 health – can overheal 50 points – and spawns every 30 seconds
  • Hourglass: Reduces the cooldown of your active by 10 percent and spawns every 30 seconds
  • Protection: Reduces all damage taken 4 times for 30 seconds and spawns every 120 seconds
  • The Soul: Cant use your active ability unless you drop it. Spawns 20 seconds after round starts
  • Heavy Armor: Gives you 100 health – can overcharge 50 points – and spawns every 30 seconds

Quake Champions Beginners Guide – General Tips and Tricks

The maps in Quake Champions are not procedural, they stay the same every time so memorize every inch of every map so you know all the weapon spawns, jumps and secrets to get you that upper hand.

Complete the daily goals to get favor – Quake’s ingame currency – from which you can rent champions and buy loot boxes.

Renting a champion grants you access for 24 hours, get acquainted with the champion and his/her ability and their stats before you spend money to buy them permanently. Make sure the champion fits your style of play before shelling out the cash.

Warming up is very important in any competitive game. Get a feel of your cooldowns and the layout of the map before the game starts and train your muscle memory to be at your 100 percent before every game.

Remember to experiment with various weapons so that you know which one is the best for each situation, also remember to change your Starting Weapon to see which one suits you the best from a choice of shotgun, machinegun and nailgun. This option is available every time you die so remember to give each composition a try to find the one that suits you best.

This is all we have for our Quake Champions Beginners Guide, if you have anything to add then let us know in the comments below and keep an eye out for all of our other Quake Champions Guides to understand the game on a deeper level