Nvidia Volta GV100 Comes In SXM2 Form Factor, Four Stacks Of HBM2 Add Up To 16 GB

Nvidia Volta may not be due till next year but we have some details regarding the Nvidia Volta GV100 chips. The Nvidia Volta GV100 features the SXM2 form factor and features four stacks of HBM2 memory which adds up to 16 GB in total, which means 4 GB per stack.

The huge 815mm2 Volta die has 21 billion transistors and is built using the 12nm FFN process by TSMC. Nvidia Volta GV100 is being shipped with 80 activated SMs this translates to 5,120 CUDA cores. It is important to note that the design has been made with 84 SM to maximize yields. 4 SMs are a counter measure of any defects in the manufacturing process.

The Nvidia Volta GV100 die size surpasses that of the GP100 by 33%, which is very impressive. 16 inductors and voltage regulators can be found on the borders of the GPU. The TDP of the chip is around 300W. While Nvidia does provide reference cooling options, most of the customers use custom cooling instead. These include both air and liquid cooling.

You can check out the performance comparison of the Nvidia Volta GV100 with other products in the image below:

Nvidia Volta GV100

Nvidia claims that this chip has significant performance advantages over the previous chips. These advantages include 12x boost to training and a 6x boost for inferencing. This is no minor achievement and the new chip is a feat in engineering. You can check out other details regarding the chip here.

On the gaming side of things, Nvidia has confirmed that Nvidia Volta will not be coming out for gaming GPUs this year. This means that Nvidia Volta will be coming out sometime in 2018. The performance improvements that Volta has to offer should be interesting.

Let us know what you think about this chip and whether or not you are excited about Nvidia Volta.