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New League of Legends Keystone Swaps Summoner Spells Mid-Game

Another week and another round of previews for runes that will be making their way to League of Legends later this year.

We have so far seen improved versions of existing runes, all-new ones in both the defensive and offensive trees, a few situational options that no one ever thought of before, and even some that fill in for in-game items until they are complete.

The latest keystone rune unveiled by Riot Games takes a jump over all of that. “Summoner Specialist” allows the player to change Summoner Spells while in the middle of a game. It works by giving the player a token called Summoner Shard every time a Summoner Spell is used. Collect three and the player can redeem them by swapping one Summoner Spell for another.

This keystone could prove mighty useful in League of Legends. Players in the top lane could start with Flash or Exhaust+Ignite for early pressure and later on switch to Teleport when other lanes require the need. Similarly, a team could prepare double smites before an upcoming major objective. Support players could also play around with their Summoner Spells based on the match-up.

“I doubt we’ve even got past the tip of the iceberg in our explorations of how to use this thing, so I can’t wait to see what ya’ll can do with it,” exclaimed the developer on the official forums.

The second new keystone rune is called Hextech Freezeray, which causes the first attack to slow enemy champions for just over a second by a significant amount. It also has a second effect which triggers a slow effect every time an item is activated.

The pre-season draws nearer for League of Legends. The Runes Reforged initiative will hopefully be on schedule and go live in time for the holidays.