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Leaked Half Life 2: Episode 3 Story is More Frustrating than Satisfying

Half Life 2: Episode 3 is something we don’t hope to see any more. However, after so many years we finally have closure to the story at least via a blog post by Marc Laidlaw. After more than a decade, Laidlaw took to his official blog to share the plot for Half Life 2: Episode 3.

Keep in mind that Valve promised Episode 3 a long time ago and it is to be released before we move on to Half Life 3. But at this point, it is clear that Half Life 3 nor Episode 3 is something we’ll get to see. His website was inaccessible for a while due to a high level of traffic but it is now back online.

The entire plot is more frustrating to read than satisfying as it solidified the fact that Episode 3 is really not happening. The last glimmer of hope has died out but there are still possibilities for Half Life 3. The final paragraph of the blog post indicates that by end of Episode 3 Freeman has left the rebellion and went his own way. The spirit of the rebellion is still alive but Freeman is no longer a part of it.

This is also an indication that if there ever were plans for Half Life 3, it may not have featured Freeman as the lead character.

People have mixed feelings about the blog post and are cursing Valve for leaving things on a cliffhanger in Episode 2. It is frustrating to get closure through a blog post.

You can follow the link here to read the entire plot for Episode 3 of Half Life 2.

Why do you think Valve never worked on a Half Life game after Episode 2?