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July Reports on Digital Game Market Show 16% Growth According to Superdata

The life of a gamer is not a cheap one to live by. Every year the global games market is rising, with the digital copies growing drastically month to month. In July, reports given by Superdata show that digital game market grew 16% which leads to annual spents on videogames reach $7.8 billion.

According to Superdata this growth is mainly due to free-to-play MMO’s (29%), mobile games (17%) and console games (21%). Minor growth we had on the Premium PC category, where the annual report shows it’s rise by 8%. The biggest “losers” of these reports are pay-to-win MMO’s which show a road downwards by 2% and social games by 6%. More specifically Superdata provided some information about the success of some of the games given on the report such as:

Grand Theft Auto V, which continues to rule over all other console games. This success is due to it’s most popular DLC right now, Gunrunning, which released just last month. The microtransaction model seen in GTA Online seem to have boosted a lot of the games number for both consoles and PC.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds, is probably the most rapidly growning videogame right now with it’s copies reaching over 6M till July. Let’s not forget that during last month PUBG had 4.9 million monthly active users, pushing many other PC games aside.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is finally making it’s way into the top 10 of console games. The game had it’s standalone release for Playstation 4 in June and July for Xbox One.

Pokemon GO also managed to shine for a bit as it’s summer anniversary event went surprisingly well. The game though still underperforms while it is nowhere near the $150+ million mark that it had last July.

Last but not least Activision Blizzard seem to have a big part of year console sales while the company has 4 of it’s titles on the top 10 of the console earnings.

Summer was particularly successful for the digitat game market, but it remains to be seen how the earning will upscale when the release of Xbox One X is underway.