The Joker is a Catalyst for Action, No Need for an Origin Film

“Wanna Know how I got these Scars”? This is a question The Joker asked twice in The Dark Knight and both times he gave a completely different answer. No one knows the truth about his past, I doubt even he remembers what happened.

In the Killing Joke animated film, The Joker stated that sometimes he remembers his past one way, sometimes another. The Joker is not a villain who needs an Origin story, the mystery of his origins is part of his ever lasting allure but DC is planning to mess it up.

The Joker is the most iconic DC villain and no one knows where he came from, or who he really is. He is a catalyst for action, he is absolute! DC making an origin film won’t really work for The Joker’s character. If you look at character’s like Hannibal Lecter, the more you explain where he came from and what he is, the less interesting he becomes. The Joker’s character has the same problem, the more you go into his past the less interesting he becomes.

This is something DC and the makers of the now in development Joker Origins film needs to understand. What’s interesting is that they are going to hire a new Joker to play the role, Jared Leto’s underused Joker is no longer a part of DC’s future plans.

Personally, I do not support a Joker Origin film, his persona needs to maintain that mystery around it in order to be successful. Lifting that curtain is something that needs to be reconsidered. He has many origin stories, not just one, he himself stated: “If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!”

Do you think an Origin story for The Joker will work on the big screen?