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Final Fantasy 15 PC Nude Mods Are Up To You To Download Or Not

You can’t hope to put a game on the PC without mods coming out for it, and according to Hajime Tabata, it’s up to players to decide whether or not to download Final Fantasy 15 PC nude mods. The game will be coming out on PC sometime in 2018, this coming year.

In an interview with Tabata that was conducted at Gamescom, the director of Final Fantasy 15 said that he and the other developers of the game had been concerned over the sorts of content that would be modded into the game with it being on PC. Players would add in joke items, do things like create nude mods that would take off every character’s clothes, and more.

Aside from the uncomfortable connotations that Final Fantasy 15 PC nude mods will have (especially considering the number of female characters in the game), Tabata and the other game devs have said that the concern is also partly because they’ve worked so hard on making a massive world for the game, and are concerned about mods “ruining it.”

However, players will still be allowed to make mods for the game; Tabata figured that it would be better to allow their fans to do what they want, and instead make it up to a fan’s own judgment in order to decide whether or not to download a mod like that. However, thankfully, it’s likely that players will just put in a number of different weapons and outfits, or even make the Regalia a different model of car, rather than focusing on nude mods.

So, if you’re one of those people that wants to download Final Fantasy 15 on the PC when it becomes available, use your own moral judgment if you want to download Final Fantasy 15 PC nude mods. Whether you want to see a naked Lunafreya or Cindy, or want to take off Gladiolus’s shirt all the way and get a peek at those meat-grinder abs, be sure to actually think about it first.