EA Assures Fans That FIFA 18 Story Mode Choices Will Matter And Change The Narrative In A Meaningful Way

While the story mode in FIFA 17 was well received and seen as a great addition to the franchise, there were some complaints regarding the superficial choices and extremely linear way in which the narrative progressed. That no longer seems to be the case as EA has confirmed that choices in FIFA 18 story mode will matter a lot and change how the story progresses.

FIFA 18 story mode once again puts players in the shoes of Alex Hunter, the rising star of The Journey, but this time with more football clubs, choices and branching narrative paths that should deliver a campaign that doesn’t feel too scripted but also retains a cinematic feel.

The path which the players go down on will affect not only their long term stay in the league but also have an immediate effect on their objectives and what is expected from them. At Real Madrid, hypothetically, you would be expected to win La Liga comfortably, while at Espanyol, a midtable finish would probably suffice.

On top of that, not every player might experience the same story outcomes simply because of the branching narrative. However, that being said a lot of things will remain the same throughout the story for everyone such as Alex’s relationship with some characters like Gareth Walker.

EA also revealed some of the superstars which will feature in FIFA 18 story mode including Christiano Ronaldo, Thomas Muller and Dele Alli. Despite such big names in the game, it is not a given that players will encounter all of them simply because of the choice factor and how the story plays out.

FIFA 18 is currently scheduled to launch on 29th September for all major platforms including Nintendo Switch, which will be running the game at 1080p60 in docked mode. A playable demo of the game is also available to try out for residents of UK during the Insomnia61 festival.