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Bungie Details Destiny 2 Clans, Share Rewards, Clan Banner Perks, Companion App

Bungie has announced that the Destiny 2 clans functions are live, and will be usable when the game releases on September 6. The clans functions will allow Destiny clans to do more stuff together, making the game even more of a social experience and allowing other players to interact with them.

Bungie has already said that they would be making it easier in Destiny 2 for players to join raids and nightfall strikes, and clans will be a major part of that. Destiny 2 clans will have the option of “Guided Games“, which allows players to join up with a clan doing a raid and run through it with them, rather than having to rely on looking-for-group sites to get a group together.

Clan groups will also be able to share rewards from activities that they go on, meaning you’ll also get loot alongside the other members of your clan, rather than some people getting loot and others not getting loot at all. You’ll also be able to level up things called “Clan Banner Perks”, which gives you perks as your clan levels up.

This includes things like getting increased amounts of Glimmer, increasing the chances of getting reputation tokens, and increasing the chances of getting an engram when you’re doing an activity with a clan member. There will likely be more things you can do with Destiny 2 clans as well.

In addition to all of that, clans will be able to keep in touch with one another through the updated Destiny companion app, chatting with one another outside of the game. The original Destiny companion app already allowed you to access the forums on it, but the new app will allow you to communicate with your clan members as well.

Destiny 2 will be releasing on September 6 for the Xbox one and Playstation 4, and on October 29 for the PC version. You’ll still have the opportunity to transfer your clan over from the original Destiny to Destiny 2, so hurry and do that unless you want to lose all your progress.