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Apple’s Brand Loyalty Strong Enough to Buy $1000 iPhone 8

Rumors for iPhone 8 are increasing in numbers, especially in terms of the price tag. Since sources on the internet say that this phone will not be a simple upgrade over the others, the price is not likely to be the same. The speculations say that prices are likely to go beyond $1000.

A survey conducted by Fluent revealed that Apple’s brand loyalty is strong and only 5% of the iPhone owners would switch to Samsung for their next device. They’re more likely to buy the iPhone 8.

The survey also mentioned that Apple’s loyalty has reached 79 percent, while Samsung is behind with 63 percent. Android overall has a 31 percent average brand royalty, but on the other hand, nearly half of iPhone users plan to stick with the Apple device, as no less than 47 percent of them owned at least four iPhones in their lifetime.

A minimum of 40% of current iPhone users want to purchase the upcoming iPhone 8 regardless of the price. Fluent adds that 34% of Americans of an iPhone. Out of which a total of 70 percent of the respondents said they would stick with the iPhone despite the $1,000+ price tag and not even consider a different brand.

Regarding the speculation about iPhone 8, it is expected to be available for $1000 for the 64GB model, adding an extra $100 for a storage upgrade. Speculation also mentions a 512GB version for as high as $1200.

The iPhone 8 will be unveiled in Septemeber in a press conference, Apple is most likely to send invites to the press in a few days. There will also be the revised versions of previous gen phones, called iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus. One source claims the iPhone 7S Plus has entered mass production, which should mean it’s on schedule.

Are you an iPhone user? Will you buy the iPhone 8 if it costs as high as $1000 USD. Let us know your views in the comments below.