AMD Vega Shortage To Last Until October, Here Is What You Need To Know

AMD Vega shortage might have caused the spike in AMD Vega prices. The retailers are blaming AMD and AMD is blaming the retailers. At this point, it is hard to figure out whom we should believe. If you are wondering when you will be able to get your hands on an AMD Vega GPU, it seems that AMD Vega shortage could last until October.

The issue regarding the price will not be solved until AMD Vega GPUs are restocked. Although AMD promised that there will be significant stock available at launch it seems that there are countries that did not receive even a single unit.

Sales in Japan started on Monday and as you would expect the prices were inflated so there was no hope of getting an AMD Vega GPU at MSRP. According to new reports, AMD Vega Shortage will continue until October. This is due to the complexity of making AMD Vega GPUs.

Some reports also claim that the issue might be due to Advanced Semiconductor Engineering packaging technology. Another factor to consider here is that Nvidia has confirmed that Nvidia Volta will not be coming out this year. That means that we can expect the new architecture to be announced as early as Q1 2018.

All this means that AMD does not need to rush manufacturing. Which is unfortunate for the general consumer. On the bright side, you could go for Pascal GPUs that have been tested and tried and have turned out to be worth the money.

New AMD drivers have been released that offer support for Destiny 2 Beta and offer performance improvements for PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds and F1 2017.

Let us know what you think about this AMD Vega shortage and whether or not you have been waiting for prices to settle down so that you can get one of these GPUs for yourself.