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AMD Vega 64 GPUs Cost Retailers $675 At Least, Miners May Not be at Fault for High Retail Prices

The AMD Vega 64 is the flagship GPU that AMD has to offer right now and there has been some confusion regarding the pricing of these GPUs. We recently talked about how retailers were selling these GPUs with huge markups as these GPUs are in low supply and high demand but that does not seem to be the case.

Now it seems that retailers are paying $675 for AMD Vega GPUs and if that is the case then retailers are the ones that are getting hurt. This could be one of the reasons why AMD Vega 64 GPUS are being sold for up to $700. That is way off the MSRP of $499. If this information is true then it is highly likely that retailers will stop keeping stock until prices settle down.

Miners are not to be blamed for the outrageous AMD Vega 64 pricing as even the liquid cooled version does not do too well and is pretty unstable, even with the new drivers. As of right now, pricing for AMD Vega 64 is not good for neither gamers nor miners. This gives Nvidia an open window of opportunity. You can check out a sales invoice below for proof:

AMD Vega 64

We will have to see what Nvidia decides to do with this upper hand. It is possible that the company does nothing at all but then again the company could introduce some price cuts and special offers in order to get those GPUs out the doors in bulk. It will be interesting to see how Nvidia responds to all this, as the company has been very silent regarding the matter.

Let us know what you think about AMD Vega 64 prices being so high and whether or not you are still interested in buying one of these GPUs or you are going to go for an Nvidia option instead.