You May Not Be Able To Buy The SNES Classic In Quebec On Account of Language Laws

A rumor has been going around that Quebecois gamers won’t be able to buy the SNES Classic in Quebec, one of Canada’s major provinces. This is apparently due to the province’s strict language laws, which make it so that any game with a French language option must be released in French.

Quebec is an oddity in Canada; since Canada was originally a French colony before it was ceded to the British in the aftermath of the Seven Years War, the country speaks both French and English, though there is a good amount of separatist sentiment in Quebec by those who are motivated more by ethnic nationalism (Charles de Gaulle, one of the main French leaders in World War 2, was essentially kicked out of the country for stoking its fires by yelling “Long live free Quebec!” after a speech) and the province’s culture.

Whether Quebecois separatism will actually yield fruit is a discussion for another time, but the reason behind the fact that you can’t buy a SNES Classic in Quebec is because all of the 30 games that are available within the console have to be in French, not English. This is apparently the reason behind the lack of a Quebecois release.

Nintendo of Canada so far hasn’t commented on the matter, though they may at a later date. The only thing they’ve said is that they don’t discuss their distribution plans publicly, and consider a number of factors before they decide on where they’ll market their products.

The SNES Classic sold out in less than a minute when the first batch of pre-orders went online, so Quebecois Canadians may have a hard time getting it from outside the province; hopefully, however, they’ll be able to buy the SNES Classic in Quebec when the console actually comes out, instead of being up for pre-orders.