Nintendo Switch Version Of Skyrim May Have A Release Date: October 23

Rumors are starting to circulate that the Nintendo Switch version of Skyrim may finally have a release date. The game, which will now be ported to the Nintendo Switch, might be coming out on October 23. The Switch is only the most recent port that Skyrim has come to lately.

Bethesda quickly became the butt of a number of jokes around this year’s E3, when it seemed like they were shoehorning Skyrim into everything, porting it to every possible console after re-releasing the game last year after upgrading it with better visuals for the Skyrim Special Edition.

The rumor about the Switch version of Skyrim having a release date started because of Amazon UK, which apparently has the release date for the Switch version of the game. With Skyrim coming to the Nintendo Switch, Elder Scrolls fans will be able to see how one of the most iconic RPGs of the decade will run on the Switch.

The Skyrim Special Edition is probably the most comprehensive edition of the game that any Elder Scrolls fan could want; in addition to it being part of Bethesda’s initiative to bring mods to consoles (allowing many players to port over a number of various mods under a certain size to the game), the game has also been graphically upgraded and given all of the content including DLC packs that its original last-gen version had.

Considering that the Switch version of Skyrim now finally has something resembling an actual release date instead of just a rough window, the release date on Amazon UK might actually be correct. However, we’ll have to see if it’s true when the date rolls around.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition is available on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and soon the Nintendo Switch in addition to the PC version that’s still valid.